Undergraduate uses microscope in BioInnovation Lab.

Student-driven Research

Through a collaboration with the BioInnovation Group, the BioInnovation Lab serves as a home to a set of student-driven research projects. Each of the projects are managed by 1-3 student leads who have previous experience working in the BioInnovation Lab. Each group is mentored by either the BioInnovation Lab advisors or a collaborating faculty advisor. Groups are encouraged to share their work either through on campus presentations (i.e. the Undergraduate Research Conference) via publications both on campus and externally.

3D OPS -

The 3D OPS team is researching novel ways to express, prepare and print spider silk for applications in the medical industry. 

Real Vegan Cheese -

The Real Vegan Cheese project team is leveraging expression systems in G.R.A.S. organisms to create a cheese product that is completely vegan. 

Microfluidics - 

The Microfluidics team is looking to create cost-effective microfluidic chips that can isolate single cells from a cellular population to aid the study of transcriptomics of mammalian cells. 

Algae to Insulin - 

The Algae to Insulin team is looking into the feasibility of using photosynthetic algae to express valuable therapeutic proteins in batch culture.

Bioprinter - 

The Bioprinter team is split into two sub teams: 1) The mechanical team is investigating ways to modify traditional 3D FDM printers into ones that can print hydrogels. 2) The biological team is validating and modifying assays that will be used to test the affect of bioprinting on hydrogel embedded cells.

iGEM - 

iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machines) is a research experience available to experienced undergraduates looking for a challenge. BIG organizes the iGEM teams; the competition goes from March to November each year. Click here to learn more about the iGEM program.