Students collect data in class in the BioInnovation Lab.


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††Research performed in the BioInnovation Lab

¥¥Work by Undergraduate Researchers

In Press
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Mysore, M., Ballou, L., Moukarzel, A.R., Cherry, A., Duronslet, D., Werba, L., Tran, N., Mosheim, H., Curry, S., Coelho, S. (2021) First steps in the development of small-scale 3D printed hydrogel bioreactors for protein production in space travel. The Aggie Transcript. Website Link.¥¥

Williamson, A., Bergman, H., Vanderpan, P., & Facciotti, M. (2021). Ariadne 1.0: A Novel Method and Prototype for Artificially Spinning Spider Silk. Journal of Student Research, 10(4).¥¥

Vater, A., Mayoral, J., Nunez-Castilla, J., Laborite, J.W., Briggs, L.A., Gray, J.J., Makarevitch, I., Rumjahn, S.M., and Siegel, J.B. (2021). Development of a Broadly Accessible, Computationally Guided Biochemistry Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience. Journal of Chemical Education, 98 (2), 400-409 DOI: 10.1021/acs.jchemed.0c01073.††

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Rodriguez-Medina, J., Kim, H.G., Castro, J., Contreras, C.M., Glon, C.L., Goyal, A., Guo, B.Y., Knowles, S., Lin, J.C., McGuiness, C.L., Sorkin, E., Stefani, J., Yegireddi, S.J., Chaganti, S., Cui, D., Deck, S.L., Deokule, Y., Douglas, H., Kenaston, M., O’Brien, A., Patterson, E., Schoppa, N., Vo, D.T., Tran, K., Tran, TL., Pérez-Irizarry, V., Carrasquillo-Nieves, K., Montalvo-Rodriguez, R., Yao, A.I., Albeck, J.G., Facciotti, M.T., Nord, A.S., and Furrow, R.E. (2020) Draft Genome Sequences of 16 Halophilic Prokaryotes Isolated from Diverse Environments. Microbiology Resource Announcements. Feb 20;9(8):e01540-19. PMID: 32079635

Furrow, R.E., Kim, H.G., Abdelrazek, S., Dahlhausen, K., Yao, A.I., Eisen, J.A., Goldman, M.S., Albeck, J.G., and Facciotti, M.T.. (2020) Combining Microbial Culturing With Mathematical Modeling in an Introductory Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience. Frontiers in Microbiology. 2020. Nov 6;11:581903. PMID: 33250873

Yao, A. I., Lucero, S., & Facciotti, M. T. (2020) Prototyping Biomolecules to Machines: A Case Study of Launching and Sustaining an Academic Biomaker Lab. International Journal of Academic Makerspaces and Making (IJAMM). link to paper.  Work originally appeared as conference abstract in 2017 prior to publication as journal article.

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Cogdell, C.G. (2019) Sustainable Biodesign Innovation: Biodesign Challenge, UC Davis, 2018. Core77 Design Awards 2019. Community Choice Prize. Article Link.

Vater, A., Dahlhausen, K., Coil, D.A., Anderton, B., Wirawan, C.S., Caporale, N., and Furlow, J.D. (2019) First-Year Seminars as a venue for Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences: a preliminary report. Journal of College Biology Teaching. Volume 45 (2) August 2019. Paper Link.††

Cogdell, C.G. (2019) Sustainable Biodesign Innovation: Integrating Designers, Engineers, and Bioscientists. In: Ball, P., Huaccho Huatuco, L., Howlett, R., Setchi, R. (eds) Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2019. KES-SDM 2019. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, vol 155. Springer, Singapore.

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Facciotti, M.T. Enhancing Undergraduate Education to Drive Responsible Growth of the Bioeconomy. Synthetic Biology LeAP Strategic Action Plan. March 16, 2013. Publication Link.

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