Students transfect tobacco plants in Prof. Zerbe's CURE course.

First Year Seminars

"Course-based undergraduate research experiences (CURE) invite whole classes of undergraduates to address a research question or problem that is of real interest to the instructor teaching the course or the broader disciplinary research community. These special seminars provide students a special opportunity to make relevant discoveries, engage in iterative work, receive impactful mentorship, and share research results with stakeholders."

-First Year Seminars

The BioInnovation Lab has enabled the development of a number of CURE courses. See below for a list and description of these courses. CUREs that are currently offered in the lab are italicized.

CURE courses developed in the BioInnovation Lab
CURE Course Name Instructor
Making a mutant - Design, Build, and Test Novel Enzymes Dr. Justin Siegel and Ashley Vater, M.S.
Nanoscale Characterization of Protein Aggregates Involved in Human Disease Dr. Whitney Duim
Hands-on Engineering of Genetic Systems Dr. Marc Facciotti and Andrew Yao, M.S.
Investigating the Regulation of the CoQ Super Complex Dr. Jodi Nunnari and Dr. Kelly Subramanian
The Nectar Microbiome - for the Birds and the Bees Dr. Jonathan Eisen and Dr. David Coil
DNA Damage and Repair: Connecting Discoveries in Bacteria to Cancer Dr. Sheila David
Biotech at the Intersection of Plants, Chemistry and Biomanufacturing Dr. Philipp Zerbe
Investigating a Schizophrenia-linked Gene and its Role in Neural Development Dr. Hwai-Jong Cheng and Dr. Julie Luu