BIG students use microscope in BioInnovation Lab.

BioInnovation Group (BIG)

The BioInnovation Group or BIG, is a student club that provides undergraduate research and leadership opportunities to a diverse population of students at UC Davis. BIG runs five active research groups working on a diverse set of projects. Each of the projects are managed by 1-3 student leads who have previous experience working in the BioInnovation Lab. Each group is mentored by either the BioInnovation Lab advisors or a collaborating faculty advisor. Groups are encouraged to share their work either through on campus presentations (i.e. the Undergraduate Research Conference) via publications both on campus and externally.

3D OPS -

The 3D OPS team is researching novel ways to express, prepare and print spider silk for applications in the medical industry. 

Real Vegan Cheese -

The Real Vegan Cheese project team is leveraging expression systems in G.R.A.S. organisms to create a cheese product that is completely vegan. 

Microfluidics - 

The Microfluidics team is looking to create cost-effective microfluidic chips that can isolate single cells from a cellular population to aid the study of transcriptomics of mammalian cells. 

Algae to Insulin - 

The Algae to Insulin team is looking into the feasibility of using photosynthetic algae to express valuable therapeutic proteins in batch culture.

iGEM - 

iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machines) is a research experience available to experienced undergraduates looking for a challenge. BIG organizes the iGEM teams; the competition goes from March to November each year. Click here to learn more about the iGEM program.