Student uses pipette in BioInnovation Lab.

Skills Training

Through a collaboration with the BioInnovation Group the BioInnovation Lab offers basic skills training for approximately 300 undergraduates each quarter. The BIG-RT or BIG-Research Training program provides a low barrier-of-entry path for UC Davis undergraduates to start working in a biotechnology laboratory. The program has no prerequisites or major requirements and does not require students to come in with any previous laboratory experience.

BIG currently offer modules that help you prepare for working in a wet lab. Each module begins with a set of virtual pre-activities, including some short readings and videos. Once completed, students participate in in-person training sessions until they complete the training exercise. Each module is completed with a short post assessment. Each module is designed to not only train the student to correctly perform the technique, but also to ask them to think about other applications of the technique. Iteration is encouraged, students are given multiple attempts to complete each module as needed with additional mentorship.

If interested please visit the BIG-RT website for signup information.